Why Credit Monitoring

In the United States, a credit score is much more than a number – it's an important part of a consumer's everyday life. Lenders use credit scores to evaluate risk, so that one number can decide who qualifies for a loan, at what interest rate and under what limits. And not just banks use credit scores – mobile phone companies, insurance companies and government bodies also use similar methodologies to determine if a consumer becomes a customer.

Constant Credit monitors bureau activity and alerts members to any reported changes on their credit report. Opening a new line of credit, an addition of a delinquent account record, and even new address changes can be an indication of fraudulent activity.

You need to know if another individual is acting on your behalf as soon as possible in order to limit the amount of damage done to your credit, which is what our Credit Monitoring solution is doing for every single member, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As a member, Constant Credit allows you to:

  • Validate your identity
  • Monitor your credit
  • Receive alerts when a change occurs
  • Get single and tri-bureau reports
  • Track your score over a period of time

In addition, our resource center gives members access to news, advice and financial planning tools to keep you informed of the latest credit information and best practices.

Quick Facts

  • Credit fraud is a problem affecting millions of Americans every year, with losses nearing half a trillion dollars for internet-related credit crimes alone.
  • Fraud victims report an average of $4,187 in financial losses per reported case.
  • Nearly three-quarters of fraud victims know how their information was obtained.
  • 90 percent of businesses have been hit by at least one IT security breach in the past 12 months.

Sources: Javelin 2011 Identity Fraud Survey Report, ic3.gov